I'm not sure what makeup look I want, will you be able to assist me?

Absolutely. We allow time for a thorough consultation before beginning your makeup application to ensure that we understand eachother and your concerns on the day. We recommend to have some inspiration images saved on your phone to show us before hand. Please select your inspiration images on our social accounts only. Inspiration can be found on @KarlaRoccuzzo & @ArtistryTeam_KR

How much time should I leave for an appointment?

We appreciate how important your event is to you and we want to ensure that we get you there on time. We highly recommend to leave 1.5 hours for your appointment. We ask that you leave ample timing to be able to go back to your preferred destination and continue getting ready. As well as this, its important that you leave ample timing to travel to our space as well as find parking. For example, if your event starts at 3pm, we recommend a 12pm appointment.

I don't need my makeup done anymore, can I get my deposit back?

We love accomodating to our clients and we create our working hours around your appointment times. Once your booking has been made, an Artists shift has been assigned. We hold a strict policy that when proceeding with your appointment booking, you understand that all deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

I’m running late, what do I do?

We understand that you can sometimes run late to your appointments and we will try our best to do what we can in the time that we have with you. Unfortunately, we can not push back your appointment time as we must respect the appointment times of others after you. We hold a strict policy that if you’re later than 15 minutes to your appointment, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and deposit will be forfeited. If you feel as though you might be late, please call us on 9133 9127

How far in advance should I book my makeup application?

It is really up to you in terms of how far in advance you would like to start organising your appointment times on your special occasion. Please note that we recommend approximately one - three months in advance to ensure that we can give you the most appropriate time suited to your preference.

I don’t have any products to touch up with, what does this mean?

Its important to understand that as Artists, we work so hard in finding appropriate products that we feel will sit seamlessly on your skin, whilst respecting your concerns and how you would like your makeup to look. There are so many factors that can change the way your makeup sits throughout the day; such as weather, moisture and rubbing your face etc. We highly recommend to have at least your matching lipstick to touch up your lips as foods/drinks can break down the product as you eat/drinks throughout the day.

Any other areas of your face is dependent on your skins natural oil production. If you’re someone that has oily skin, we highly recommend a no colour translucent powder to touch up with throughout the day/night.

I want a trial for my special occasion (not bridal), how far in advance should I book?

Its important to understand that whilst makeup trends can change, its also great to get to know your artist and ensure you're comfortable with the application before proceeding for your special occasion. Our team are fully qualified and further trained by Karla Roccuzzo to ensure that our style remains consistent throughout our clientele. We recommend to allow four weeks before your event to have a trial. Please note that requests to see a particular artist can not be guaranteed as rosters are created around staff availability.

I'm getting married next year, when should I have a trial?

We recommend one to two trials before your big day. Your initial trial to consult with Karla and your bridal look preferences. We love to allow this initial trial to work to achieve your desired look as well as ensure our styles come together. This is usually completed upon locking in your big day with us.

Its important to understand that makeup trends can change as well as product availability, so we always welcome you back for another trial closer to your day. Perhaps on a special occasion you're attending in the lead up!

I would love a mobile service, can I book this in?

Whilst we love accomodating to our clients, we can only confirm a mobile service for a minimum of four people (subject to availability). If we are not able to organise a mobile service, all appointments are held at Salon Gabrielle or our East Keilor studio. All out of Salon appointments will include one to three Artists from our team, subject to availability.

I booked an Out of Salon Booking, does it require a travelling fee?

We require a travelling fee based on your location and travelling time to and from your booking. Travelling fees are calculated once your location has been confirmed. 

*Unfortunately at this time, we can only allow a travelling time of up to 60 minutes to your location (subject to availability).

I would love a hair appointment too! Can you assist?

We love working alongside the team at Salon Gabrielle and we can certainly try our best to tie in your appointments one after the other. We unfortunately aren't able to make a hair appointment for you, we recommend calling the team directly on 9133 9127

Can my hair be washed after my makeup appointment?

We work so hard in creating a look that will last as long as possible for you. Unfortunately when you wash your hair after applying makeup, the moisture can start to move your base products around your hair line. If you require a wash before styling your hair, we recommend to ensure your hair is washed before your makeup appointment should you be scheduled in for hair afterward.